Setting up your workspace

PrimeXBT offers intuitive and fully customizable layout with multi-monitor support.

We have created a default layout, however you can personalize your trading workspace to fit your trading style by choosing and adjusting the Trading Widgets. Click Add Widget to get a full list of available widgets and feel free to create your own custom layout.

Chart widget opens a trading chart on your workspace. You can use it for market monitoring and technical analysis purposes as well as placing new orders and tracking existing ones.

Watchlist widget allows you to monitor cryptocurrency pairs by showing the latest market data. You can also place an order directly from Watchlist widget.

Dashboard widget provides direct access to order form for specific pairs that you choose yourself.

Positions widget shows all your current active positions and provides an option to modify them.

Orders is a widget that allows you to monitor, adjust and cancel active orders.

Trades shows all executed, canceled and rejected orders.

Messages shows the log of system messages and warnings.

Along with adding and removing widgets, you can also move them around the workspace by clicking on and holding the top bar of the widget and dragging it down.