Managing your Portfolio

How to manage active Followings

All active Followings and Following history are reflected in your 'Portfolio':

Here you can see the core statistics of all of your active Followings as well as Following history.

To allocate more funds towards a Strategy and create a new Following, simply select the desired Strategy and click 'Start new Following' :

How to stop a Following

1) To stop an active Following, navigate to your 'Portfolio'. Click on the Following that you wish to stop:

2) Click the Stop Following button:

A confirmation prompt will now pop up. Once you click 'Confirm', your request to stop a Following will then be processed in 1 minute after which your Following will be stopped.

  • A request to stop a Following is processed 1 minute after confirmation by the Follower.

  • Profit/loss settlements for Followings occur ONLY once the Following is stopped or the followed Strategy is closed.

A Following can be stopped automatically in case the Strategy manager decides to close the Strategy, or via liquidation, should profitability of the Strategy drop below -99,99%.