Understanding Trading reports (account statement) and Transfer History
The Trading report (i.e account statement) contains detailed information about your Trading account, including trades, fees, financing, and transfers that affect your Trading account's Balance.
Trading report can be generated on the ‘Reports’ page:
To generate a trading report:
  • Select the desired Margin account
  • Choose a timeframe included in your report and click the 'Statement' button
A separate trading report statement can be generated for a Covesting Strategy, on the Covesting 'Trading history' tab.

Understanding Balance changes in account statement.

Let’s take a look at how Balance Details are reflected in Account Statement. On the screenshot below you will see all of the logs for a Long (Sell) position #29501454:
Each position will reflect at least 3 ACTIONS in Account statement: - Trade fee paid when Opening position - Realized Profit/Loss incurred from a position - Trade fee paid when Closing position
Balance column reflects trading account balance AFTER the Profit/Loss has been added/deducted
1) The 1st ACTION - opening order #29501454 for position #29501454 . This ACTION reflects the trade commission paid when Opening position #29501454 (position # is identical to opening order #):
This opening trade fee shows a Profit/Loss of -0.00271125. This means that the trade fee for opening this trade is 0.00271125 BTC. 2) The 2nd ACTION - closing order #29618647 for position #29501454. This ACTION reflects the realized Profit of 0.04911422 BTC for this position.
3) The 3rd ACTION - closing transfer #29618647, for position #29501454. This ACTION reflects the trade fee paid when Closing position #29501454 (Closing transfer # is identical to Closing order#):
This closing trade commission shows a Profit/Loss of -0.00271125.This means that the trade fee for closing this trade is 0.00271125
Balance column reflects account balance AFTER the Profit/Loss has been added/deducted
Additionally, Account statement reflects any incurred Financing fees:
Account Statement also reflects all transfers made TO and FROM your Trading account:

Transfer history

The Transfer history, located on the Reports page of your account, reflects detailed info about all deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between to/from account Wallets as well as other internal account transfers. Here you can view the entire wallet transfer history with detailed comments for each separate transfer. Alternatively, using filters, you can sort, filter and view specific account operations/transfers that you’re interested in - filter transfer history by date, wallet currency, action type (i.e transfer type) - deposits, withdrawals, or for example, adjust filters to only reflect referral payouts or Strategy success fees, etc:
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