Managing your Strategy

How to manage your Strategy

To manage your Strategy, navigate to the 'Manage Strategy' page:

Here you can view your Strategy's statistics such as Total/Today's profit, Strategy performance, Profit/Equity charts for the past day/month/year etc, invest more assets into your Strategy or Close your Strategy.

Once you are ready to begin trading with your Strategy, simply navigate to the Covesting 'Trade' tab, where you will find your Strategy trading terminal:

Strategy Closure and Liquidation

If you wish to close your Strategy, navigate to the 'Manage Strategy' page of your account:

To close your Strategy, you must place a Strategy closure request by clicking the 'Close Strategy' button. When clicking 'Close Strategy', a confirmation prompt will pop up:

After confirming closure, the Strategy will be permanently closed immediately if there are no Strategy followers:

or after 1 hour if there are currently active Followings for this Strategy:

Strategy closure requests can be cancelled within 1 hour prior to their execution. Closure requests of Strategies with no active Followers are executed immediately and can not be cancelled.

Upon Strategy closure, remaining funds, if any, are automatically transferred to the account Wallet.

A Strategy may also be liquidated and closed automatically should profitability drop below -99.99%, in which case Strategy settlements take place and any required payments are made.