Managing your Strategy

How to manage your Strategy

Navigate to the 'My Strategies' page to find a list of all of your active Strategies:
Click on a Strategy to open the Strategy management page which shows a detailed breakdown of your Strategy and Strategy management options:
  • Review core strategy Statistics
  • Review Profit/Equity/Followers' equity/Margin charts for selected timeframes
  • Profit distribution - profit share % and success fees received
  • Description - description of your Strategy as well as social media links
  • Strategy management - Close Strategy option
  • Covesting trading account - transfer funds to/from the Strategy
  • Indicators - Strategy profitability indicators for the set timeframes
  • Trading history - list of all closed Strategies
Once you are ready to begin trading with your Strategy, simply click the 'Trade' button for the selected Strategy. For details on how to manage orders and positions, see our guide 'Orders and Positions. How to manage your trades'.

Making your Strategy's history visible to Public

By default, every Strategy's trading history is hidden from the public, including Followers. However, a Manager can make his trading history visible to the public. To make your trading history public to all Covesting users:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to 'My Strategies' page and select the desired Strategy
  2. 2.
    Under the 'Strategy management' section of your Strategy and click the 'Make my trading history public'' button:
By default a Strategy's trading history is hidden from the public:
When making your strategy's trading history public, all Covesting users will be able to see core information about your 50 latest closed positions: open/close dates and prices, instrument, market side and ROI%:
The trading history list is updated once a day after the daily rollover at 00:00 UTC. Any trades closed throughout the past day will be reflected in the list.

Strategy Closure and Liquidation

To close your Strategy, navigate to the 'My Strategies' page and click on the Strategy that you wish to close. Next, click the 'Close Strategy' button:
To close your Strategy, you must place a Strategy closure request by clicking the 'Close Strategy' button. When clicking 'Close Strategy', a confirmation prompt will pop up:
After confirming closure, the Strategy will be closed within 2 minutes if there are no Strategy followers:
or after 1 hour if there are currently active Followings for this Strategy:
Strategy closure requests can be cancelled within 1 hour prior to their execution. Closure requests of Strategies with no active Followers are executed within several minutes and can not be cancelled.
Upon Strategy closure, remaining funds, if any, are automatically transferred to the account Wallet.
A Strategy may also be liquidated and closed automatically should profitability drop below -99.99%, in which case Strategy settlements take place and any required payments are made.

Strategy Withdrawals

If you wish to withdraw funds from your Strategy to your Wallet, navigate to the 'My Strategies' page of your account, click the Strategy from which you want to withdraw funds and click 'Withdraw':
In the pop-up window fill and confirm the amount of funds that you wish to withdraw to your PrimeXBT account wallet. Currently, the following restrictions apply to withdrawing Equity from a Strategy:
  • Withdrawal restrictions based on current Followers' Equity - for full details regarding this restriction see Manager's Equity lock
  • Withdrawal restrictions while maintaining open positions - Equity can be withdrawn from a strategy ONLY after closing all positions. Decreasing Equity while maintaining open positions results in a decrease in margin level and increase in leverage (Equity to market exposure ratio). This would lead to a rebalancing of the positions of followers and results in an increase in their exposure on the market through the copy-trading mechanism, as well as increase in associated risks. To protect followers from such margin risks in the absence of a manager's trading activity, all positions must be closed before withdrawing Equity.
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