Quick Start: How to create your Strategy

Covesting Strategy Management allows you to create and manage a Strategy.

To create a Strategy, go to 'My Strategies' in the Covesting module and click 'Open new strategy':

  1. Select the Currency in which the Strategy will be denominated, Strategy Name and Description

  2. Share your social media links with your followers

  3. Choose your starting capital Amount

  4. Click 'Create Strategy'

When adding your social media to your Strategy, no additional symbols such as "@' are required. For example, if your telegram handle is @ExampleTelegramName simply enter ExampleTelegramName into your Strategy's telegram social media field without any additional symbols

When clicking 'Create Strategy', a Strategy creation confirmation prompt will pop up. Click 'Confirm' to proceed with Strategy creation (or 'Cancel' if you wish to cancel Strategy creation).

All active Strategies are reflected on the 'My Strategies' page of your account. Click on any active Strategy to manage the Strategy and review its statistics:

5. Once you are ready to trade with your Strategy, simply click the 'Trade' button'

For detailed information regarding Strategy leverage and margin requirements see: https://primexbt.com/fees

To learn how to manage your Strategy, see our 'Managing your Strategy' guide.

Conversion of currencies between Wallets is not supported currently. If you wish to top up the BTC, ETH, USDT(erc20), or USDC(erc20) wallets, please deposit the required currency directly to the corresponding wallet. Any deposited currency can only be used for Strategies, Followings, Margin trading accounts and Turbo accounts denominated in the SAME currency.

For example, deposited BTC can be used to create a Strategy denominated in BTC, however it cannot be exchanged for ETH, or allocated towards Strategies/Followings/Turbo/Margin trading accounts denominated in ETH.