Quick Start: How to create your Strategy

Covesting Strategy Management allows you to create and manage a Strategy.

To create a Strategy, go to the Covesting Strategy creation page:

1) Select Strategy name 2) Describe your Strategy 3) Choose your starting capital 4) Click 'Create Strategy'

When clicking 'Create Strategy', a Strategy creation confirmation prompt will pop up. Click 'Confirm' to proceed with Strategy creation (or 'Cancel' if you wish to cancel Strategy creation).

After you have created your Strategy, the 'Create Strategy' page becomes the 'Manage Strategy' page, where you will find detailed information about your Strategy, as well as all of the available Strategy management options. 5) Once you are ready to trade with your Strategy, simply go to the 'Trade' tab of the Covesting module to begin trading:

For detailed information regarding Strategy leverage and margin requirements see: https://primexbt.com/fees

To learn how to manage your Strategy, see our 'Managing your Strategy' guide.