Quick Start: How to begin Following a Strategy

Covesting Strategy Following allows you to Follow desired Strategies with your own capital and profit passively from the successful trading activity of Strategy managers

To Follow a Strategy, go to the Covesting Strategy Rating page. Here you will find a list of all active Strategies and their core statistics:

1) Click on a Strategy to bring up that Strategy's performance and Following page. Let's take a look at the Strategy 'super fund':

2) To Follow a strategy, enter the Amount of funds that you wish to allocate towards Following the selected Strategy, then click 'Follow':

A Follow confirmation window will now pop up. Make sure to double-check your Following parameters and click 'Confirm' to proceed.

All active Followings and Following history are reflected in your 'Portfolio':

Followers can follow into numerous Strategies simultaneously and can also have multiple active Followings in any Strategy.

To allocate more funds towards a Strategy, simply select the desired Strategy and click 'Start new Following':

To learn how to manage your Followings, see our 'Managing your Portfolio' guide.