Covesting Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Early access questions

How do I get early access to Covesting Fund management?

If you’d like to get early access to Covesting Fund management, please leave your email at the Covesting early access page: We review all requests regularly, and will select a number of applicants for Covesting early access. We will notify you should Covesting fund management be enabled on your account.

What Covesting functions are available during early access Beta testing?

During early access, Fund managers can create new Funds, practice fund management, and build their ratings through implementing winning trading strategies. Once a Fund is created its performance will be public and updated in real-time for all users to see.

Can I accept investments into my Fund or invest into other Funds?

Investments are disabled during the Beta phase. Investing and accepting investments into public Funds will be enabled after the conclusion of the Beta phase.

General Questions

What is Covesting?

Covesting allows traders to set up and manage a Fund - a pool of their own assets along with any assets added to their Fund by Investors. This provides an excellent opportunity for both experienced successful Traders and Investors to greatly boost each other’s profit potential.

Who is Covesting suited for?

Covesting is an excellent opportunity to earn profit for both active traders and anybody who wishes to earn a passive profit by investing into desired Funds and allowing experienced and successful traders to trade for them.

I am an experienced trader, how can I earn using Covesting?

As a trader, you can create and manage your Fund. Investors can invest into your Fund allowing you to trade with a combined pool of assets, and receive a percentage of all profits made, thus maximizing your profit potential.

I do not have the time/ experience/ desire/ patience/ opportunity to trade personally. How can I earn with Covesting?

Covesting is an excellent opportunity to make passive profit for those who are not able to or do not want to trade personally. By investing into a desired Fund, you allow successful and experienced traders to trade for you while you receive a percentage of the profit they make!

Does leverage apply to trading with a Fund?

Yes, while managing a Fund leverage is applied to all trading activity.

Do margin requirements and leverage differ between a Fund and regular trading account?

Yes, leverage and margin requirements differ between a Fund and regular trading account. Detailed information regarding Covesting Fund leverage and margin requirements can be found here:

Fund Creation and Management questions

What is the minimum amount of personal assets (BTC) required to create a Fund?

The minimum amount of personal funds required to create a Fund is 0.05 BTC.

Are my Fund trading account statistics visible to others? Which of my Fund trading account statistics are public?

Yes, as a Fund manager, your Fund's trading account core statistics become visible to other traders and investors, including Total/Today's profit, Fund equity, Performance, the amount of investors currently invested in your Fund as well as the amount of days your Fund has been active.

How do I perform trades while managing a Fund?

Upon Fund creation, a Fund trading account is created. All Fund trading activity is performed exclusively on the Covesting module 'Trade' page.

How many Funds can I create and manage at once?

A Fund manager can create and manage only 1 Fund at a time.

Can I create another Fund after closing my current Fund?

Yes. There is no limit to the amount of consecutive Funds that can be created.

Can I also trade privately on my regular trading account while managing a Fund trading account?

Yes. When creating a Fund, a separate Fund trading account is also created. This means that a trader can manage a Fund while simultaneously privately trading with his personal trading account

Can I change selected Fund rollover time after I have created my Fund?

No, rollover time can not be changed after Fund creation.

Questions about conditional bonuses and discounts

When creating a Fund, do I retain any bonuses/rewards/discounts on my regular trading account?

Yes. Creating a Fund also creates a separate Fund trading account, thus regular trading accounts are not affected.

Do bonuses/rewards/discount on my regular trading account also apply to my Fund?

No. Any bonuses/rewards/discounts active on your personal trading account will not be applied to a Fund.

Can I apply promocodes to my Fund?

Promocodes cannot be applied to a Fund trading account

Will my account status fee discount (based on turnover) be applied to my Fund trading account?

Account status turnover based fee discounts do not apply to a Fund trading account.