Quick start: How to join contests
To join an ongoing or upcoming contest, navigate to the 'All Contests' page.
1️⃣ Choose a contest that you wish to join and click 'Join' (to view contest details and conditions, click 'View'):
If the ‘Join’ button is greyed out and the Contest has a ‘Full’ label, it means the maximum allowed number of participants have already joined it.
2️⃣ A pop-up window will now appear where you will find the prize distribution conditions, the initial contest account balance, as well as qualification details.
Here you will need to choose your Nickname for this contest. Your nickname will be used to show your current position in the leaderboards. Once you've chosen your nickname and reviewed the rules and conditions, click the 'Join' button:
Once you've joined a contest, it will be added to your list of ongoing/upcoming contests, on the 'My Contests' page:
3️⃣ To start trading in a contest that you have joined, click the 'Start' button (or 'Trade' button if you have already accessed that contest account previously):
If the 'Start' button for a contest is greyed out and unclickable (see screenshot above) - this indicates that the contest has not started yet. Click on the contest to check the time remaining until the contest begins.
It is important to keep in mind that a contest can only be joined once. After joining a contest it is not possible to leave and rejoin the contest or reset contest trading account balance.
To learn more about the Trade interface, how to place orders and manage positions, see our 'Understanding the Trade Interface' guide.
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