Contests Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Trading Contests allow traders to test their skills and compete with other participants to win prizes, risk free.

Contest accounts are fully funded by PrimeXBT, providing a risk-free environment for participants.

Who can participate in Contests?

Do I have to make a deposit to join a contest?

How do I join a contest?

Can I participate in several contests simultaneously?

Is there a limit to the number of contests that I can participate in?

No. Currently there are no limits to the number of Contests that participants can join.

No. At the moment the Contests module is not available in the mobile applications of the platform, and is available on the desktop and mobile web-based versions of the platform.

Can I use the MT4 or MT5 in the Contests module?

No. MT4 and MT5 integrations are not available on the platform at the moment.

I won a contest but did not receive my reward. When will I receive it?

I won a contest and received a prize. Can I withdraw it?

Can I submit my real Margin or Strategy account results for a contest?

What is the available leverage on Contests accounts?

What are trading fees on Contest accounts?

I participated and demonstrated the best ROI%, but still didn’t receive a prize!

To qualify in the leaderboards and be eligible to claim a reward, participants must meet the qualification requirements for the competition. The most common requirements to qualify are a minimum number of trades and a minimum turnover.

I had open positions when a contest ended. Will they count towards my total profit %?

When positions remain open at the time of completion of a contest their Unrealized P/L will be included in the final total profit calculations.

What are a qualifying Turnover and the Number of trades in a contest?

Opening a position increases the participant's Turnover indicator by the position's amount, and increases the Number of trades indicator by 1.

Can I leave a contest I already joined, and start with a fresh contest account and balance?

Can I use a high frequency trading software or a trading robot to trade in a contest?

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