Adding Widgets and customising your Workspace

Workspace is the area of the Trade page where all of your Widgets are shown. All trading is performed in your workspaces.

The 4 default widgets are Chart, Watchlist, Positions and Orders. You can add or remove any widgets from your workspace by clicking the '+Add Widgets' button:

Clicking on the '+' widget button to bring up the Widget menu:\

There are 7 different widgets which can be added to your Workspace: - Chart widget: highly customizable Chart with a large array of charting tools - Watchlist widget: helps monitor market activity for selected trading pairs - Dashboard widget: shows Spreads for selected assets and specific order volumes. - Positions widget: allows you to manage all open Positions. - Orders widget: allows you to manage all active Orders. - Trades widget: reflects recently executed Orders. - Messages widget: reflects logs of all recently placed, cancelled, rejected, modified or executed orders, as well as margin call and position liquidation notifications and system messages.\

The Link/Unlink widget feature allows you to link your Chart and Watchlist widgets to each other. When linked, clicking on a trading pair in the Watchlist widget, will automatically bring up the Chart for that pair in the Chart widget.

Adding new Workspaces

Additional Workspaces can be added to the Trade page by clicking the '+' button as shown in the screenshot:

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