Account Verification

The account verification feature allows you to verify your account by submitting identification documents, such as: Selfie, Identity document (ID card/Passport/Residence permit/Driver`s license).

Note that verifying your account is optional and will affect only the 24H Withdrawal Limit.

To verify your account, navigate to the 'Main' section, select the account sub-section, and open the 'Settings' page. Next, click 'Verify' in the 'Account verification' sub-section:

1️⃣ In order to begin the verification procedure you will need to agree to the processing of personal data and click 'Next':

The verification procedure of your identification documents is processed and executed by a third-party partner service SumSub

2️⃣ Make a Selfie. Carefully read the provided instructions and click 'I`m ready' to take a Selfie:

Additionally, you can take the Selfie and continue the verification procedure on a phone. By choosing the 'or continue on a phone' option, you will be redirected to a separate page where you can copy a link or scan a QR code to your mobile browser.

After switching from the the desktop version, you will receive a status page that will update according to the verification steps completed on your phone. You can always resume the verification process in the desktop version by clicking 'Continue on this device'

The option to continue on your phone will remain available during the whole verification process and will be indicated as a separate 'Continue on your phone' button at the bottom of the page.

3️⃣ Select the country that issued your document, choose your document type and click 'Next':

4️⃣ Upload the chosen document type. Carefully read the provided instructions and click 'Upload...document':

If the uploaded documents are not suitable for verification in the selected country, you will receive a warning notice. Click 'Continue' to upload alternative documents:

Make sure to submit clearly visible and readable documents. Once the documents are uploaded, click 'Confirm and Proceed' at the bottom of the page:

5️⃣ Check the submitted information and upload alternative documents if necessary by clicking 'Edit', and click 'Next':

You will be redirected to the Status page where you can track the status of your verification.

As soon as the verification procedure is completed you will receive a corresponding 'Verification Complete' notice.

On the 'Settings' page in the 'Account verification' sub-section, the 'Status' of your account will now be updated to 'Verified' and you will be able to review your information in the 'Personal information' sub-section.

If the Status page was closed before the verification was completed, the current 'Status' of your account will be reflected as 'Pending' in the 'Account verification' sub-section and you will be able to return to the Status page by clicking 'Verify.' As soon as the verification procedure is completed, the 'Status' of your account will be updated accordingly.

If the account verification was failed, you will receive a corresponding notice.

The 'Status' of your account will be updated to 'Unverified':

If you have any questions or wish to inquire, please contact the compliance department via email at

Make sure to review our KYC/AML policies for detailed information.

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