PrimeXBT Platform Update on June 17th, 2021

We are happy to announce another great update that is aimed at making PrimeXBT even more convenient and transparent for our users.

💱 Exchange Currencies Directly in Your PrimeXBT Wallet

We’re introducing a cryptocurrency exchange service - now you can convert your wallet balance between BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC with just a few clicks.

The in-wallet conversion service will help you to save on transfer fees and time, which would otherwise be spent on withdrawing funds to an external service for exchange. Also, this allows you to gain instant access to multi-currency Covesting Strategies as a Follower, open your own Strategy or trade on a private margin Trading account using a collateral currency that is most convenient for you.

Convert cryptocurrencies in-wallet.

👛 Enhanced and Detailed Wallet History

The Wallet transaction history report has been greatly improved, now providing even more Trading history info and Transfer history info with additional filtering options.

Sort, filter, and view operations that you’re interested in - for example, only referral payouts or manager’s success fee commissions - or view your entire wallet transfer history with detailed comments for each transfer/transaction

View transfers in your Account.

Covesting Update on June 11th, 2021

With this update, we reduce the entry barrier for opening Covesting Strategies and introduce All-time charts:

🚧 ⬇️ Reducing the Barrier for Opening a Strategy

If you had ever considered opening your own Covesting Strategy, but hesitated to commit the minimum required capital of $2,500 just to try it out — hesitate no longer! We are introducing a new initial (default) Strategy grade.

From now on, starting a new Strategy will require Managers to lock only $500 of Manager’s equity at the initial Grade — this is 5 times less than the previous minimum requirement!

This new initial Grade will also cap the Initial Followers’ Equity at a lower amount of $10,000 to keep the reasonable risk management approach towards newly created strategies.

This update aims to reduce the entry barrier for Covesting managers, and lets them try their trading Strategies publicly without risking significant amounts of personal and Followers capital, and build their track record before committing more funds to upgrading the Strategy and increasing the Followers’ cap.

Check the newly available Strategy grade.

📊 Introducing All-time Strategy charts

As the Covesting module on PrimeXBT continues to gain more popularity, we are going to see an increasing number of established Strategies which have been open for more than a year.

All-time Strategy performance charts have just been released as an update to the Covesting module, in addition to 24 hours, 30 days, and Year-to-Date views.

Find your favourite Strategies and check their all-time performance with the updated charts!