Understanding Yield Interface

PrimeXBT platform interface consists of six main sections:
Main – Make deposits, withdrawals, change account settings and keep track of your account’s activity and statistics. Margin – Manage your Margin account, monitor the market, place trades and control your orders and positions. Copy-trading – Create, manage, or follow public trading Strategies. Yield – Stake crypto-currencies in DeFi projects to earn APY%. Contests – Participate in trading competitions and win prizes. Analysis – Charts by TradingView for technical analysis
Let's take a separate look at the Yield section.

Yield (Section)

Yield accounts allow you to connect to and participate in numerous DeFi yield generating applications through a mechanism called Staking.
Staking products allow for a high variable rate of return on idle crypto assets, otherwise known as an APY. The blockchain-based solution provides returns for those that lock up their crypto assets for a period of time. Covesting Yield Accounts do all the hard work of searching for staking opportunities so you don't have to.
The Yield module consists of 3 sub-sections:
  1. 1.
    Yield Rates (sub-section)
  2. 2.
    My Accounts (sub-section)
  3. 3.
    COV Token (sub-section)

Yield Rates

The Yield Rates page allows you to view current and historical APY stats and stake numerous currencies through the Covesting Yield program with just a few clicks:
  • Current APY% rates - view current average APY% rates and place new stakings
Yield (APY%) is an estimated number which varies on a daily basis depending on supply and demand, and other market factors.
  • Historical APY% rates - chart of historical APY% rates for available currencies
  • Calculate your estimated return - calculate potential APY, open new stakings or upgrade your COV membership to increase your return rates by up to 2x

My Accounts

The My Accounts page allows you to view staking statistics and history and close active stakings to collect yearned yield:
  • Current stakings - view core stats of active stakings. Clicking an active staking will bring up the 'Staking stats page', where you can view APY and Equity charts, as well as close the active staking
  • Staking history - core statistics of closed stakings
To begin staking, make sure to check out our tutorial: Quick start: how to start staking. To learn how to manage your Yield account, see Managing your Yield account.


The My COV page allows
COV token holders to activate a COV Membership plan to unlock Covesting Utility for their Strategies, Followings, or Yield accounts.
Here a token holder can review details of the token, check their platform's COV Wallet, buy COV tokens required for the membership, sell the tokens, or go to the COV Wallet to deposit and withdraw COV tokens to an external ERC20 address.