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Understanding Yield Interface
The Yield page allows you to stake numerous currencies through the Covesting Yield program with just a few clicks. Here you can open new stakings, manage already active stakings and view staking statistics as well as current and historical APY stats:
    Current APY% rates - view current average APY% rates and place new stakings
Yield (APY%) is an estimated number which varies on a daily basis depending on supply and demand, and other market factors.
    Historical APY% rates - chart of historical APY% rates for available currencies
    Calculate your estimated return - calculate potential APY, open new stakings or upgrade your COV membership to increasae your return rates by up to 2x
    Current staking - view core stats of active stakings. Clicking an active staking will bring up the 'Staking stats page', where you can view APY and Equity charts, as well as close the active staking
    Staking history - core statistics of closed stakings
To begin staking, make sure to check out our tutorial: Quick start: how to start staking. To lean how to manage your yield account, see Managing your Yield account.
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