Quick start: How to start staking

To begin staking, navigate to the Yield page: 1. Choose the Currency that you wish to Stake and click 'Stake now':
2. In the 'New Staking' window, select the Amount to stake and click 'Stake':
After clicking 'Stake', your staking request will be set to pending status and will be activated at 00:00 UTC.
A request to open a new staking can be placed at anytime throughout the day and will remain pending until processed. All new Staking requests are processed once a day at 00:00 (UTC time). A staking request placed before 23:00 UTC will be processed on the following day. Any staking request placed after 23:00 UTC will be processed on the day after the following day. Once a request to open a new staking has been placed it cannot be cancelled.
All currently active or pending stakings are reflected in the 'Current Staking' section:
Click on a staking to bring up the 'Staking stats' page where you can view detailed stats, including an APY and Equity charts or close a staking
Yield APY% returns can be further increased by activating an Advanced, Premium or Elite COV membership.
To learn how to manage and close your staking see How to close an active staking.