Turbo Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

As of July 7th, 2021 PrimeXBT has discontinued support of the Turbo feature. Due to this, the Turbo tab has been disabled in clients' accounts, and demo Turbo accounts are no longer available.

If you had a real Turbo account with an outstanding balance, the account will remain active for the next 30 days. All real Turbo accounts will be closed on August 6th, 2021, and the funds remaining on a real Turbo account will be returned to your platform’s Wallet.

General Questions

What is PrimeXBT Turbo?

PrimeXBT Turbo allows you to make short term price predictions and make quick profit if your prediction is correct.

Is there a Demo option for PrimeXBT Turbo?

Yes, each account is granted a starting DEMO balance of 1 BTC. Simply log into your account and try PrimeXBT Turbo risk free!

What markets are available on PrimeXBT Turbo? Will you add more pairs/instruments?

At the moment 12 of the most liquid instruments are available. Other instruments may be added later provided their liquidity becomes sufficient to be suitable for Turbo short-term trades.

How do I start?

Make sure to take a look at our Turbo Quick start tutorial.

How much money can I make?

Your profits will depend on your patience, knowledge of short term price trends and the success of your predictions. A successful prediction will yield up to 90% profit!

Are there any fees when making predictions?

No fees are incurred when making predictions

Where do Turbo chart prices come from?

Turbo chart prices reflect top-of-the-book BID quotes received from our liquidity providers (12).

How do I receive payouts from correct predictions?

Payouts from correct predictions are automatically added to your Turbo balance.

How much profit do I make from correct predictions? What is the payout percentage?

Payout percentage is set dynamically to factor in the current market conditions of each available instrument and may be updated every minute. The payout rates for correct predictions is identical for all of our clients.

What if my prediction is incorrect?

If a prediction is incorrect, the loss from this prediction will be equal to the 'Amount' selected when initially making your prediction (i.e. if you selected an Amount of $10 when making a prediction which turned out to be incorrect, the loss for this prediction will be equal to $10).

What if the price is the same as when my prediction was made?

Such a prediction is considered incorrect and will result in the loss of the 'Amount' of funds used in this prediction, as the price is neither HIGHER nor LOWER.

Which Turbo contract durations (intervals) can I choose for my predictions?

Crypto: 5m, 10m and 15m. Forex: 1m, 5m. For EUR/USD a 30 second contract duration is also available.

Specifications of the contracts offered are periodically reviewed by our dealing desk and risk management departments, thus available contract durations may change dynamically. We can remove some contract offers if we would not be able support their settlement due to market conditions or other factors. .

Can I cancel active predictions (positions)?

Once a prediction has been made it cannot be reversed or cancelled.

Are traders on the leaderboard real?

Yes, all traders on the Leaderboard are real.

Turbo Deposits and Demo balance

How do I deposit real funds to my Turbo balance?

In the top-right corner of the Turbo page select the desired currency you want to transfer to your Turbo account and click the 'Fund Turbo account' button.

Can I trade with Demo balance and real funds at the same time?


I have lost my demo balance. Can I restore / recharge it?

If you wish to restore/recharge your current demo balance, please contact our support team via live chat.

Are deposits from account wallet to Turbo balance instant?

Yes, transfers between your PrimeXBT Wallet and Turbo account are instant.


How do I receive payouts from correct predictions?

Payouts from correct predictions are automatically added to your Turbo balance.

What is the minimum/maximum position size for a prediction?

The minimum position size is 0.0001 BTC or the equivalent in other currencies The maximum position size is 0.01 BTC or the equivalent in other currencies

What is the maximum available exposure?

Overall exposure of all open positions cannot exceed 0.1 BTC or the equivalent in other currencies

What is the maximum amount of open positions (predictions) I can have open at once?

A maximum of 50 positions (predictions) can be open at a time.

Why did my Turbo balance decrease immediately when I made a prediction?

When making a prediction, the 'Amount' of funds selected for this prediction will be immediately reserved and deducted from your Turbo balance. If your prediction is CORRECT, these funds will be automatically returned to your Turbo balance, along with the Payout (profit) received for correctly predicting the price change.

Where can I see my full Turbo account history?

Your 20 latest Turbo predictions are reflected in your Turbo Trade History menu.