Understanding Account Interface

PrimeXBT platform interface consists of 5 main sections:

Account - make deposits, withdrawals, change account settings and keep track of your account’s activity and statistics. Trade - also known as Trading Terminal, this section is used to monitor the market, place trades and control your orders and positions. Turbo - Short-term Bitcoin settled contracts Covesting - Strategy management and Following Analysis - charts by TradingView for technical analysis

Let's take a separate look at the Account section.

Account (main section)

The Account section of the platform allows you to manage your account. Here you can place deposits and withdrawals, change account language, security settings, keep track of your Affiliate (referral) network. The Account section consists of 5 sub-sections: 1) Account Summary 2) Deposit 3) Withdraw 4) Refer & earn 5) Promo code 6) System preferences Let’s take a look at these 6 sub-sections.

Account Summary (sub-section 1)

TheAccount summarypage is used to monitor trading history and account statistics. This page consists of 4 parts: Wallet, Trading account, Account Status, Trading history+Account Statement button (highlighted with blue in the screenshot above). 1) Wallet reflects your Wallet balance and Available wallet balance (balance + all pending transactions).

2) Account Status shows turnover based trade fee discount progression (0%, 25% or 50% in accordance with your turnover levels for the past 30 days). Active account status discount is also reflected on the 'Promocodes' page

3) Trading account reflects your Trading account statistics:

- Equity: Trading account balance + unrealized P/L (from all open positions) + Reward - Available funds: amount of funds that can be withdrawn to your wallet or used for trading. - Available margin, %: reflects the amount of available margin as a % value. - Reward: reflects bonus Equity received from special offers or promotions. - 'Fund trading account' and ‘Withdraw to wallet’: buttons used for internal transfers of funds between your Trading account and Wallet Note: transfers between Trading account and Wallet are instant and free.

4) Trading History shows details of the last 30 executed trades on your account. The ‘Account statement’ button allows you to generate an account statement with detailed logs of Trading activity for the desired time period (see Understanding Account Statement for more details):

Deposit (sub-section 2)

The ‘Deposit’ page reflects information about your deposits, and allows you to make deposits to your Wallet. This page consists of 3 parts: Deposit, Alternative deposits and Deposit history.

1) Deposit reflects information about deposit conditions as well as your personal PrimeXBT wallet address and QR code:

The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC. When making a deposit make sure to transfer Bitcoin (BTC) only. Sending other coins or tokens to your PrimeXBT wallet address may result in the loss of your deposit.

2) Alternative deposits allows you to purchase BTC on CEX.io, using a credit card and have it transferred to your PrimeXBT wallet:

3) Deposit history reflects all completed and pending external deposits to your PrimeXBT wallet:

Withdraw (sub-section 3)

The ‘Withdraw’ page allows you to place or cancel withdrawals and reflects all external withdrawal history and conditions. This page consists of 3 parts: Withdraw, Transfer details and Withdrawal history. 1) Withdraw is used for placing external withdrawals and adding new withdrawal addresses:

- Destination Address: used to select a withdrawal address or add a new address. - Amount (₿): used to select BTC withdrawal amount. - Submit to withdraw: click this button to confirm the selected withdrawal. 2) Transfer details reflects information of a withdrawal currently selected in Withdraw module:

- Destination: reflects the selected withdrawal address - Transfer amount: reflects the selected withdrawal amount - Transfer fee: reflects internal withdrawal fee (fixed 0.0005 BTC) - You will send: reflects the Transfer amount after Transfer fee deduction has been applied. EXAMPLE of a withdrawal: Destination Address in Withdraw = Destination in Transfer details Amount (₿) in Withdraw = Transfer amount in Transfer details = 0.40050000 You will send in Transfer details = (Transfer amount - 0.0005 Transfer fee) = 0.40000000

3) Withdrawal history reflects all completed, pending or cancelled withdrawals:

Refer & earn (sub-section 4)

The ‘Refer & Earn’ page reflects information about your referral network and payouts. This page consists of 3 main parts: Referral program, Your stats and Referral network.

1) Referral program reflects your personal referral link, social media 'Share' buttons and allows you to download a marketing kit containing materials to help you promote your referral link:

2) Your stats reflects information regarding your referral payouts and payout time frames:

3) Your affiliate network shows detailed information about your referral network, including a breakdown of referrals by levels, turnover volume, payouts, etc:

Note: On the Refer & earn page you will also find a detailed explanation of the Referral program and suggestions on how to grow your referral network and maximize your referral earnings, as well as the Referral program rules and conditions.

Promo code (sub-section 5)

The 'Promocode' page allows you to redeem unique Promo codes and reflects information about any activated promo campaign on your account. This page consists of 2 parts: Promocode and Activated campaign.

1) Promocode is used to activate Promo codes 2) Activated campaign reflects all currently active campaigns as well as any campaigns that have ended or been cancelled. For more details regarding Promo codes see: How to activate Promo codes.

System Preferences (sub-section 6)

The ‘System preferences’ page allows you to change system settings, such as language, email notifications, 2FA etc. This page consists of 4 parts: - Personal Settings: change account language - Security Settings: enable Google 2FA, change password, connect to Telegram support bot - Notifications: enable/disable email notifications for Logins/Liquidation/Margin Call - Last Login: reflects information about the 10 latest logins to your account.