How to place an order?

In order to make a trade you first must deposit Bitcoin to your trading account. All margin and PnL are denominated in Bitcoin on PrimeXBT.

Before you place a buy or sell order, the system will automatically check that you have enough available balance to cover Margin requirements. If you have enough funds you will be allowed to place an order. Otherwise, your order will be rejected.

Learn more about margin requirements and leverage calculation here.

There are several ways to place an order on Prime XBT trading platform:

  • From the “Watchlist” Widget You can open the order form by clicking Trade button across the currency you wish to trade in.

  • From the Chart Widget a) In a top left corner of our Chart widget you can press “Buy” or “Sell” buttons coloured in green and red. An order form pop up where you can choose the side of a trade, order type, quantity and price.

  • b) By clicking the right mouse button in the chart field a trade selection tool will appear giving you the choice to enter long or short position. Order entry tool will appear after clicking “Buy” or “Sell”. Trading from the charts is perfect for placing limit orders away from the market.

  • From the Dashboard Widget You can place a trade by clicking “Buy” or “Sell” buttons in the Dashboard widget. Trading from the dashboard is perfect for placing quick orders, when it is all about the speed. Please note that Dashboard widget is not included in the default layout, but you can add it by using +Add widgets function.

Please also take a look at our tutorial video How to place an order.