Understanding Margin Pro Trade Interface

We are happy to introduce the all new PrimeXBT trading platform Margin Pro!
Public testing
The new PrimeXBT trading platform Margin Pro is in public testing now, and is available in the Contest module in selected contests only.
All other Contest including Weekly Battles will continue running on the old trading platform.
Bug Bounty PrimeXBT will be running a Bug Bounty program from 07.09.22 – 22.09.22. Participate in the bug bounty program, find and submit the detected bugs in the Margin Pro Trade platform, and earn additional rewards.
The 'Trade' page (also known as Trading Terminal or Trade Interface) is where all trading actions are performed - placing orders, managing positions, monitoring market charts, etc.:
The Trade Interface of the platform is used to monitor the market, place trades, control your orders, positions and reflects detailed statistics of your Contest trading account. Trade interface consists of 2 main parts: the Financial Summary bar and your Workspace (outlined with yellow and blue accordingly in the screenshot above).

Financial Summary bar

The Financial Summary bar consists of 3 sections: Contest account currency indicator, Trading account statistics and My contests section:

1. Contest account currency indicator

Shows the selected Contest Account ID, and its base currency:

2. Trading Account Statistics

Here you will find financial details of your Contest account:
  • Balance: Trading account balance;
  • Equity: reflects Balance + Unrealized P/L (from all open positions)
  • Unrealized P/L: reflects combined Profit/Loss from all open positions;
  • Used Margin: margin that is currently reserved in open positions;
Navigate to the
button next to the 'Used margin' indicator to review additional financial details of your Contest account:
  • Used margin: total amount of margin that is currently reserved in open positions and pending orders;
  • Positions margin: margin that is currently reserved in open positions;
  • Order margin: margin that is currently reserved in pending orders;
  • Available Margin: free margin that can currently be used for trading;
  • Available Margin%: free margin that can currently be used for trading reflected in % value;

3. My contests

Here you will find a brief summary of your Contest account:
By clicking on the blue 'My contests' button you will open the main page of the Contest, where you can review such information as 'Statistics', 'Profit chart', 'Awards' and 'Ranking':
By clicking on the blue 'Trade' button you will return to your Trade Interface.
Scroll the page down to review more information and stats.
By clicking on the
button you will open the summary sub-section of your contest trading account:
Navigate to the
button to review a special Tutorial about the key features of the Trading Interface.
Trade one click
button allows you to select the desired trading mode. Clicking on this button will bring up the trading mode confirmation menu:
One-click trading: allows you to control orders and positions with one-click. Orders and positions will be Sent/Canceled/Closed immediately and without confirmation prompts.
  • Default order type is set to 'Market';
  • No protection orders are attached to new orders (but can be added manually after an order has been placed);
  • New order quantity is defined by the quantity selector near the trade (Red and Green) buttons.
Make sure to exercise caution when using One-click trading mode as accidental clicks can lead to unwanted orders being placed.
Once the One-click trading mode is enabled, you can disable it by returning to the My contests 'section and selecting 'Trade one click' button again to bring up the confirmation menu.


Workspace is the area of the 'Trade' page where all trading is performed.
The workspace consists of 7 sections: Markets, Contract Specification, Place Order, Summary, Chart, Order book and Trades.
You can customise your workspace by clicking on the
buttons in the upper right corner of each section.