Quick Start For Covesting Strategy Following

Covesting Strategy following allows you to Follow desired Strategies and profit passively from the successful trading activity of Strategy managers and their Strategies

How to Follow a Strategy

To Follow a Strategy, go to the Covesting Strategy Rating page. Here you will find a list of all active Strategies and their core statistics:

1) Click on a Strategy to bring up that Strategy's performance and Following page. Let's take a look at the Strategy 'super fund':

2) To Follow a strategy, enter the Amount of funds that you wish to allocate towards Following the selected Strategy, then click 'Follow':

A Follow confirmation window will now pop up. Make sure to double-check your Following parameters and click 'Confirm' to proceed.

All active Followings and Following history are reflected in your 'Portfolio':

Followers can follow into numerous Strategies simultaneously and can also have multiple active Followings in any Strategy.

To allocate more funds towards a Strategy, simply select the desired Strategy and click 'Start new Following':

How to stop a Following

1) To stop an active Following, navigate to your 'Portfolio'. Click on the Following that you wish to stop:

2) Click Stop Following button:

A confirmation prompt will now pop up. Once you click 'Confirm', your request to stop a Following will then be processed and your Following will be stopped.

Profit/loss settlements for Followings occur only once the Following is stopped or the followed Strategy is closed.